Skills for a Musical Life

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  • Fluency Skills

    ​Fluency skills are the nuts and bolts you cannot get far without. These are actions you need to be able to use when neccersary to achieve the most from your instrument.

  • Interpretation Skills

    ​Items that need a little more attention like verb endings in language. Understand the meaning behind the symbol and your music will benefit.

  • Knowledge Skills

    ​Knowledge helps understanding and performance. Know the composer and you can use your imagination to make the music come alive.

  • Muscle SKills

    Muscle skills are built using exercises, the muscles are scales, arpeggios and broken chords. Healthy muscles produce beautiful music.

  • Performance Skills

    It all comes down to the final performance. This is where everything comes together.

    Enjoy it, you worked for every moment.

  • Musicianship Skills

    Musicianship skills help you learn to listen to your own playing and to music on a wider scale.

  • Written Skills

    Writing music down helps understanding, creativity and sharing. Without the skills of writing you cannot share or expand the ideas that you have.

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