Step Wise with F & G

Chris Caton-Greasley LLCM(TD)

15 Oct 2021

Stepwise with F and G focuses only on these two notes and the movement of a step between line one and line two. The benefit of this, and other pieces with a limited note range, is to allow the student the opportunity to focus on the location of these notes whilst following a rhythm line.


Skills Analysis

This piece uses crotchets, minims and dotted minims in a three four time signature. The student is expected to be able to play hands together.


Practice Strategy

Tap the rhythm for each line on your knees away from your instrument using the right hand for the treble clef line and the left hand for the bass clef line. When you can do this confidently play it on the piano using a metronome to maintain a steady beat.


Demonstration Video

This demonstration video is an example of how the piece sounds after the recommended period of practice. This is a minimum of four consecutive days focused practice of five to ten minutes a day.


The podcast is a short talk radio style audio on practise, how to work through the piece, resources available and how different sections of the piece can be practised. This is available on Spotify via the direct link on the pink button, '1. Link to the Podcast.'

If you required a copy of the music is available to purchase or download using our 100% discount code via link on the yellow button '2. Link to Music Download'