Level One Fluency Skills

15 Oct 2021

Watch the Tie!

'Watch the Tie!' is a phrase a mum wrote on the top of her copy of music. It made me smile and I referred to it as that ever since.

15 Oct 2021

An Active Rest

'An Active Rest' is influence by the concept behind the word rest. In reality the only thing that rests during that time is the sound. Very often the mind is trying to find that next note or, in the future, moving to get reach it in time. It is rarely a rest where nothing happens.

15 Oct 2021

Ten Fingers

Ten Fingers is based on an exercise by Czerny. The use of minims allows the student the space to read ahead one or two notes and maintain a slow and steady beat. Watch for pattern repetition and the movement to a line or a space note and this piece will be mastered in one or two lessons.

15 Oct 2021

Step Wise with F & G

Stepwise with F and G focuses only on these two notes and the movement of a step between line one and line two. The benefit of this, and other pieces with a limited note range, is to allow the student the opportunity to focus on the location of these notes whilst following a rhythm line.

15 Oct 2021

Metronome Work

This short exercise is the start of developing an internal beat. Being able to play to a steady beat enables you to play with other musicians and, more importantly, enjoy playing because it sounds good.

15 Oct 2021

Hands Together

This piece is hands together using the note C, D and E in the third and fifth octaves. The purpose is to hold the left hand notes down while the right hand plays.

15 Oct 2021

Junior: C3

The purpose of this piece is to introduce C3, the crotchet and the minim in time signature of two beats per bar.

10 Oct 2021

Three Left Hand Notes

This piece introduces the notes C3, D3, and E3, the time signature of 4/4 and the note values of a crotchet and minim.

4 Oct 2021

Junior: C5

A piece to introduce the note C5

26 Aug 2021

Just Two Notes

22 Aug 2021

Three Right Hand Notes

Music concepts covered in this worksheet are melody, tone, playing non-pitched and pitched instruments and rhythm. The student is encouraged to listen and evaluate the music played. Rhythm and notation reading is recommended prior to playing the notes.

Junior: C3 & C5

CD Walking

D3 & D5 in 2/4

D3 & D5 in 3/4

D3 & D5 in 4/4

DC Marching

DC Strolling

E3 & E5 in 2/4

E3 & E5 in 3/4