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Updated: Aug 3

Tuesday 2nd August


£1 chocolate bar or a bottle of pop and 60p packet of crisps


Pop in to 5 a Day on Melbourne Street Stalybridge, or you local fresh fruit and veg shop, for 3 fruits instead.

3 fruits plus a glass of delicious lemon water, just add hot or cold water.

Same price different results. #chooselife and #buylocal

#Challenge buy 3 fruit and veg a day to replace binge snacks at 4pm. Post your choice and use social media for something good.

Tuesday 2nd August 2022
Tuesday 2nd August 2022


Wednesday 3rd August

£2.75 today, I could not resist the cherries; it has been so long since I bought some. Which would you prefer: A £1 bag of giant chocolate buttons or a bowl of cherries? Honestly I would prefer the cherries.

So yesterday I found it is best to have lunch (chickpea curry homemade see blog) then a black chai at 3pm and a peach, an hour later an orange, an hour later a banana and a flat bread. Teaching was no problem. 75ml of Pennine Valley still water in the morning and 2 bottles while teaching and I did indulge in half a flap jack so I am going to look at making these.

Have you ever read the label? It's boring and only strange people do it yes? NO! Let's look at this one, I love these Flapjacks from Quality Save. A 29p for 120g of flapjack is good on the pocket but well the oats are good for you, don't read the label whats the point. Well if you do you will notice this lovely chocolate flavour coated, yes FLAVOUR, not even chocolate contains however margarine (oops read this ) , palm oil and rapeseed oil.

So even though it will cost more money I will make my own flapjacks in future. A few experiments and I will post the results in a few days.

£2.75 at 5 a Day today, that is 1 banana, 1 peach, 1 minneola and 1 small bowl of cherries. Alternatively it would have been 1 bottle or can of pop, 1 bag of giant buttons and 1 packet of crisps. As they say, choose your poison.


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