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Interpretation: Cross Hands 1 and 2

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Cross Hands 1

This piece was composed to practice the alteration between staccato and legato. Before playing this piece a student should be able to produce staccato and legato to a level 1 standard.



Learning Objectives

The learning objective sets the reasons for learning this piece. It does not cover all reasons, only the most important ones.

Interpretation Skills

  • Play 3 beats in a bar

  • Play hands together

  • To count the beat when playing

Fluency Skills

  • To play C5, E5, G5

  • To play C3, E3, G3

  • To play on the beat without pauses

  • To play a cross over

  • Experiment with sound to see which note fits and which notes do not fit.


Demonstration Video


Complete Practice Method

  1. Play the passages with one finger.

  2. Play the passages with the correct finger pattern.

  3. Place the Sostenuto pedal down and play the whole passage ascending or descending. (Link: Piano pedals)

  4. How fast or slow can you play it?

  5. How does the speed effect the sound?

  6. Experiment with final sounds and half way sounds to see which fits the context.

Cross Hands 2

  • Repeat the above method listening to the sound it creates. Try the sounds in one set of notes, multiple sets and over the keyboard.

  • Combine sounds try pairs of sets

  • When you have explored the sounds write in the spaces how the sound makes you feel.

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