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Updated: Jun 8

This blog is to track January activity after it has happened. This is quite simply as planning is important but action is vital.

January 3rd

I booked a Health Check at the village gym today thinking it is a good start to the process.

My Fit track says BMI is 41, that is not good, I have downloaded https://www.nhs.uk/better-health/lose-weight/ to help with food. Body water is 31.1%, this is getting better. I have invested in some Blend>Active bottles and they are helping. Interestingly my phlegm based cough is also helping as I need to drink a lot to liquidify it.

Protein is terrible, 8.7%, I just cannot push it up, as the weight comes off I will require less but it should be about 20%. Last night I changed a bit of toast and honey + hot chocolate (Galaxy instant) to a protein drink. 400ml water and two scoops of protein, Kcal wise about the same, content wise totally different. 40g of protein, an egg is 13g of protein.

As an aside I heard something really cool lately; everyone says food is fuel to run the body and it's true but does not really work for me as a motivator. Recently (in December) somewhere I heard or read that food is 'data' and what you eat on a daily basis gives your body the data to rebuild every 12 weeks. This somehow registered, I eat chocolate - chocolate is code for the purpose of which I want to use this body over the next quarter. OK I love chocolate but not so much I want it to program by body. Same with cheese and onion pies and pasties, love them - but do I want the code in them to program the me in Spring 2022! seriously nope.

Now I don't see it working for everyone, its a strange way to see it, but for me it really struck a nerve.

Back to the health check at The Village, it did not go as planned so after a lady showed by around the new equipment and the heavy weights room (target!) I tried some units out and realised how far I have to go.

The text is obvious, it is from the machines, more photos next time. The weights, well I started on the little ones in the middle stamped with a 3.

The shoulder press was a lot harder than I anticipated the target is 10 on 10, 10 on 15, 10 on 10. The others are all ok. This week I will do this three times.

June 2020: Well that did not go well, lets try again; more focus on my way.

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