• Chris Caton-Greasley

Level 4 Jingle Bells

This popular Christmas song appears at almost every level in our program focusing on a particular skills. The level 4 skills for this song is to identify the chords, where possible. The first sheet of this document shows two grids labelled 'Bars on Page 1' and 'Bars on Page 2'. The first box of each grid is numbered with the first bar number on the page.

Required: Scale sheet and chord boxes for G major which were completed in Level 2.

  • The first task is to number all the boxes.

  • Second look at the left hand part of the numbered bar and work out the chords.

  • Using the chord boxes for G major decide if the chord is the I, IV or V chord.

  • All the answers are on the chord sheet.

  • Bar 23 has been completed as it is not part of the G major scale.

  • Bar 17 to 20 have been completed as the bass does not clearly specify the chord. This bass line was inspired by Bartok's Winter Solstice, which seemed quite appropriate for Jingle Bells. Can you use this to include the chords for bars 25 to 28.

Complete the chord boxes for the other bars and then play the melody with just the chords.

Try different inversions and bass line options that you have learnt. Finally try the score I suggest for this level.

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