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Fluency Level 3: Mało nas, Mało nas

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

This is a popular Polish children's song called which literally means Little (or few) or us.

This is a cartoon of the song from the You Tube channel 'Piosenki dla dzieci - bajubaju.tv'

The website www.zabawydladzieci.com shows the Polish Lyrics as

Mało nas, mało nas do pieczenia chleba, Tylko nam, tylko nam, ciebie tu potrzeba,
Dużo nas, dużo nas do pieczenia chleba, Więcej nam, więcej nam, ciebie nie potrzeba.

The English translation, according to Google translate, is

We are few, we are few to bake bread, Only us, only us, we need you here,
A lot of us, a lot of us to bake bread, We don't need more, we don't need you.

The version of the song used is Fluency level 3 has the following learning objectives

Fluency Skills

  • Reading B2

  • Using the octave jump and playing in a new position an octave higher.

  • Moving hand position

Interpretation Skills

  • Phrase ends (in line with words to the music)

  • Identifying repeats

  • Perfect cadence

Rhythm Bank Cards

Write the following rhythm cards out to add to your Rhythm Bank.

Note: the finger patterns are not typed on the music they are to be written on as required. This ensures the performer is aware of the finger movements and does follow the concept of press this number down and the correct note will sound.

Demonstration Video

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