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Performance Level 1: A Nod to Czerny

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

You can purchase a good mobile phone or tablet holder from many online retailers now. Some come with LED lights and some include microphones.

The benefits of recording a piece are many, these tasks start the preparation for music exams, present a statement of progress and help to keep you on track.

Stand near the piano and say

"This piece is based on an exercise by a composer known as Carl Czerny. He was an Austrian composer, teacher, and pianist of Czech origin. He was one of Beethoven's numerous pupils. He wrote many technical exercises for the piano which help pianists learn how to play the notes correctly.
Thank you for listening. "

Now play your piece.

Demonstration Video

After seven days it should sound like this.

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Use the rhythm cards below to learn the level 1 rhythms. Aim to play each rhythm with a metronome starting at 60 beats per minute increasing by up to 5 beats per minutes every time you get it right.

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