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Polish 12th June 2021

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

After using Duolingo on and off for a few years I decided to upgrade to Polish levels 1, 2, 3 and business Polish with New Skills Academy's online courses; and a little help from a friend or two with whom I will be trying the new words on Saturday.

This weeks phrases are

  1. Miło cię znowu widzieć - nice to see you again

  2. Dzień dobry miło cię poznać - Good morning nice to meet you

  3. do zobaczenia jutro - see you tomorrow

  4. do usłyszenia - until later

  5. do zobaczenia - see you soon

  6. prześlę ci SMSa później - I'll text you later

  7. jak masz na imię - What's your name?

  8. dobrze dziękuję - good thank you

  9. jak się masz - how are you?

I am also trying to learn the numbers 1 to 10

  • zero — zero

  • one — jeden

  • two — dwa

  • three — trzy

  • four — cztery

  • five — pięć

  • six — sześć

  • seven — siedem

  • eight — osiem

  • nine — dziewięć

  • ten — dziesięć

Dzień dobry miło mi pana poznać
Download PDF • 35KB

Option 1

Cut around the outside line and along the horizontal lines and fold in half. I recommend putting a piece of card in between to prevent them being see through.

Option 2

Cut all the rectangles out and use them as a match game.

Update: 13th June. Ooops making my flash cards today I noticed I have repeated my self, apologies.

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