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Spanish 13th June 2021

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

After using Duolingo and the motivation provided by a good friend I have decided to upgrade to Spanish levels 1, 2, and business Spanish with New Skills Academy's online courses; Open learn beginners Spanish and a little help from a friend or two with whom I will be trying the new words on Saturday.

This weeks phrases are

  • Buenos dias, Encantada de conocerte - Good morning, nice to meet you

  • ¿Cómo se llamas? - What's your name?

  • Me llamas es ____ - My name is .....

  • Te mensajeo después - I'll text you later

  • Te veo pronto - See you soon

  • Hasta más tarde - until later

  • Nos vemos mañana - see you tomorrow

  • Encantada/o de verte de nuevo - Nice to see you again

  • Acabo de llegar a casa - I've just got home

  • Como esta tu semana pasada? - How's your week been

  • ¿Podemos revisar ellos el sábado? - Can we review them on Saturday?

For which I have made flash cards shown on the top row below. The second row is my study notes from Open learn.

The PDF which can be downloaded below has two options that I use them for

Option 1

Cut around the outside line and along the horizontal lines and fold in half. I recommend putting a piece of card in between to prevent them being see through.

Option 2

Cut all the rectangles out and use them as a match game.

13th June 2021 - Spanish
Download PDF • 38KB

I am also intending to learn the numbers 1 to 10

  • zero — cero

  • one — uno

  • two — dos

  • three — tres

  • four — cuatro

  • five — cinco

  • six — seis

  • seven — seite

  • eight — ocho

  • nine — nueve

  • ten — diez

When I am learning something I try to apply it to music and with the help of my teacher, and a great singer songwriter, I am producing some Spanish copies of my music.

So here is the first

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