• Chris Caton-Greasley

Sunday 25th April 2021

Well it's done, today I took control of a part of my life that for the past 28 years totally, but 24 years on and off, has been spiralling out of control.

So what happened? That is a long story that has many chapters but, to start at the end, every resolution begins with action. Not half hearted and whimsical but decisive, committed and focused action which will continue. For me, that takes being allowed to spiral until my head says ENOUGH!

Well that happened yesterday when I stood on my Christmas present Fit Track scales and felt terrible. The eighteen I hated had changed into a nineteen I despised. I had been nineteen before and each time I had had a beautiful reward of a child. This time there was no reward other than a voice reminding me to be proud, it was all paid for and enjoyed.

Thing is, this time, the other voice was louder which said 'hell no, I am not having that, time to make it right.'.

15.30hrs I left the Academy to go for a tour around The Village Gym. I honestly think it was the first time I had left the Academy voluntarily for a personal reason.

I am very pleased that I did, I have seriously been searching for somewhere that fits everything I need out of a gym for ages. The last gym I really felt at home in was Casablancas in Stalybridge, which burnt down in 2005. Not that I can say i was a member than, I stopped going in 1990 when I life moved my focus away from Stalybridge. Until then it had served its purpose and ensured I was a svelte figure in my early twenties.

It is now a considerable period later, yet it feels like yesterday, my family have grown and I am on the cusp of completing the first year of a masters degree in music research. Two more weeks reading and two weeks for the ETMA with Open University then four months 'rest' to make the required changes before I start again in October. Five months or 30 weeks, how much can change in this time. One thing that must change is 266 pounds must become considerably less. At an average of 3 pounds a week there is a moveable target of 90 pounds potential loss. In my current mind that would take nothing short of divine intervention, and I am not removing the option. However divine intervention only works if i do, so let's go. It is the midnight, the time of change, so let's make it happen. 'Coach, coach yourself.' I hear you loud and clear. Tomorrow I meet the PT at 11am. Plan 1.

8.15 - Walk to the Academy

10.30 - Walk home

10.55 - Drive to gym or swim

12.30 - Lunch

13.00 - Walk back to Academy. Study & teach

20.00 - Walk home

23.30 - Sleep



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