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I have started swimming again following a 25 year break and it feels like I am starting again. Twenty five years ago seems like a different life time now, and I have the added poundage to remind me of every moment. I can happily say it has been a fantastic yet challenging time with some surprises, both wanted and not, however that is another story.

I have been searching for a new health and fitness club since Casablancas in Stalybridge burnt down, but to no avail they either did not open late enough or did not 'feel' right. After the 2021 lockdown I decided to check out The Village in Hyde, I walked in and it felt just like walking in to Casablanca gym. The memories are fabulous, and the benefit being the Village has a swimming pool.

I started off checking out the gym, I loved it but, whilst working for my Phd the days schedule would not allow for gym and swim. Swimming won, it is refreshing, enjoyable, relaxing and cleansing.

I have tried a number of strokes but enjoy breaststroke the most, it is time to learn how to re swim this classic stroke.

The last swim is perfect, it is peaceful and relaxing. I am aiming for five nights a week, but at the moment two or three is manageable.

The last three swims I have managed six lengths of the pool, tonight (June 22nd) I am aiming for eight or maybe ten.

According to Women's Health, breaststroke has the following attributes.

  • It may be slower, but it is the best stroke for an all-over body workout.

  • Helps to strengthen the upper body, back and chest.

  • Involves breathing out into the water which increases the resistance on your chest, which can improve your lung functions.

  • Helps to tone the thighs and lower legs more than other strokes, due to its more complex leg movement.

Sounds good to me, off for a swim.

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