• Chris Caton-Greasley

White bean curry

Updated: Jun 8

This recipe is from White bean curry - 25 minutes vegan and gluten-free recipe [1]

This curry, recipe below is quick to make and delicious. These are my ingredients, click through and check out the recipe. https://greenbowl2soul.com/white-bean-curry/#recipe

The finished item, served with Basmati rice it is seriously more-ish. Now to make adjustments and modifications to a great spicy tomato base.

[1] https://greenbowl2soul.com/white-bean-curry/

Update: I made a double batch last week with mixed beans and red chilli's - tasted superb with basmati rice one day and boiled new potatoes the next. On both occasions I reheated in a frying pan with a little extra water and cracked two eggs in the top to poach. If you are going to try this ensure you reheat in a frying pan with the facility of a lid, or you are able to put a large plate on top as the steam is required to poach well.

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