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Read about Simon's first day at school with this Triquetrae Mini Tale in a folding mini book. Full instructions to fold the book are included.


Listen to the audio and read the tale on this blog post .

Simon the Spectosaurus Mini Book: A Triquetrae Tale

  • Discount Code: OpenEd

    I am developing the TQP Piano Program as part of my FLCM and doctoral presentation. Part of this is an absolute recognition of the importance of Open Education. Therefore on all TQP Level products you may use the discount code 'OpenEd' to receive 100% discount for personal use.

    If you prefer to buy and support my work, thank you, I appreciate it. To understand more about Open Ed please see my blog post.

    To find out more about branded product licensing for studio use please see Music Academy Hub. 

    TQP programs are copywritten by Triquetrae Limited. For more details on becoming a TQP approved tutor please email 

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