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List of Figures

Figure 1‑1: Harmonic Ratios.

Figure 1‑2: Pentatonic and Heptatonic Scales.

Figure 1‑3: Five & Seven Voices.

Figure 1‑4: Yin & Yang.

Figure 2‑1: Epimoric Ratio where n is a positive integer.

Figure 2‑2: First Order of Species. Diatessaron (Fourth)

Figure 2‑3: First Order of Species. Diapente (Fifth)

Figure 2‑4: Second Order of Species. Diatessaron (Fourth).

Figure 2‑5: Second Order of Species. Diapente (Fifth).

Figure 3‑1: Diletskii: Musical Circle 1678.

Figure 3‑2: Heinchen: Music Circle 1728. 

Figure 3‑3: Mattheson: Musical Circle 1735. 

Figure 3‑4: Kellner: Musical Circle 1737. 

Figure 4‑1: A fifth by semitones. 

Figure 4‑2: The complete circle. 

Figure 4‑3: The C major chord. 

Figure 4‑4: C majors’ primary chords. 

Figure 4‑5: Primary chords and the scale. 

Figure 4‑6: Primary and secondary chords. 

Figure 4‑7: Roman numerals. 

Figure 4‑8: Combining the major and minor tonic. 

Figure 4‑9: The secondary chords. 

Figure 4‑10: C major secondary chords and the scale. 

Figure 4‑11: The secondary chords and the seventh. 

Figure 4‑12: The chords of C major 

Figure 5‑1: Soldier’s March Interpretation Skills 1a.

Figure 5‑2: Soldier’s March Musicianship Skills 1a.

Figure 5‑3: Soldier’s March Interpretation Skills 1b.

Figure 5‑4: Soldier’s March Written Skills 1a.

Figure 5‑5: Soldier’s March Interpretation Skills 1c.

Figure 5‑6: Soldier’s March Musicianship Skills 1c.

Figure 5‑7: Soldier’s March Rhythm Skills.

Figure 5‑8: Soldier’s March Interpretation Skills 1d.

Figure 5‑9: Soldier’s March Musicianship Skills 1d.

Figure 5‑10: Soldier’s March Written Skills 1d 

Chris Caton-Greasley LLCM(TD) MA (Mus)(Open)

Ethnographic Musicologist, Teacher, Researcher

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