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About the Triquetrae Piano Program: Fluency

The Triquetrae programs could be described as a hybrid rhyzomatic educational program. This is a simply a pick and mix program where you only use what is required for the students learning style and experience.

The program provides resources in each section for all ages and learning styles. The system is constantly expanding into new areas and continually utilises new learning aids alongside traditional resources. These resources include audio, visual, tactile and paper based concepts. Physical items are available to purchase if required, however the system is designed to be downloadable by page or by resource as required without the limitations of shipping. All that is required is access to a printer to undertake the crafting aspects of each pack at home.

​Fluency skills are the nuts and bolts of music. You cannot get far in piano lessons without these skills.

These are actions you need to be able to use when necessary to achieve the most from your instrument.

At Level 1 this is note reading. The initial notes taught in this program are C to G from the third octave on the piano and the fifth octave. This is to allow for a good hand position from the start without a medial distortion on the wrist which distorts a good hand position before it has been learnt enough to be automatic.

It is recommended that Level 1 is up to 80% known before Level 2 is commenced.

Update May 2021: Triquetrae programs documents use the open dyslexic font. You can locate this font on the following link

It is recommended all resources are stored in an A4 pocketed folder or an A4 ring binder in the order they are used. This system does not follow a numerical order.

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Use the rhythm cards below to learn the level 1 rhythms. Aim to play each rhythm with a metronome starting at 60 beats per minute increasing by up to 5 beats per minutes every time you get it right.

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