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Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I have been teaching the piano for 30 years. After raising my family I am now heading for the examinations I could have taken years ago but I let nerves get in the way.

This channel is my outlet to banish the nerves that have held me back and to share the teaching concepts that have lead to my curriculum.

This is the basis of the examinations for the Licentiate and Fellowship of the Royal Schools of Music.

The plan was for 2020 but the Covid-19 has got in the way, there is no exam in spring 2021 for the diplomas so I am looking at the summer and winter seasons with the grade 8 practical & theory taken winter 2020.

They say things always happen in threes and this is the third time I have been here. Firstly with Mr Leslie Clifton and Dr Winterbottom, two marvellous tutors, then with Prof. Noke, a tutor I wish I still had but no longer can reach distance wise.

It is due to the foundation these wonderful pianists I can, at last, move forward and take the exams, confidently. Pedagogical studies currently being undertaken on the following pieces


Grade 1


A: Minuet in C: Duncombe B: Wiegenlied: Brahms C: Egyptian Dance:


A: DIABELLI Allegretto, Op 125. No. 3

B: BARTÓK Quasi Adagio

C: MILNE Rhyme Time

Grade 2

ABRSM A: Musette in D: Bach B: Waltz: Kabalevsky C: Petite Valse: Chapple

LCM A; ANON Musette in D, BWV Anh. 126


C: SCHOENMEHL The Somersault King

Grade 3

ABRSM A: Allegro: Hook B: Shadows: Carroll C: Blues in the Attic: Iles LCM A: BACH, J.S. Prelude in C, BWV 939

B: CARROLL Shadows from River and Rainbow

C: KABALEVSKY Clowns Grade 4

ABRSM A: Bagatelle in C: Beethoven B: The Reef: Carroll C: Rytmicka: Sluka LCM A: BACH, J.C.F Solfeggio in D

B: HELLER L’Avalanche Op. 45 No. 2 from Melodious Studies: Op. 45

C: BARTÓK Jeering Song from For Children, Vol. 1

Grade 5

ABRSM A: Minuetto: Loeillet B: Joeur de Harpe: Sibelius C: Film Noir: Cornick LCM A: BACH, J.S. Gavotte from French Suite No. 5 in G, BWV 816/4

B: CHOPIN Waltz in A minor B. 150, Op. Posth.

C: GILLOCK New Orleans Nightfall

Grade 6

ABRSM A: Allegro: Dussek B: Moderato: Bruch C: Un Amanecer en Santa Marta: Ruiz LCM A: BACH, C.P.E. Solfeggio in C minor

B: GROVLEZ Le Pastour from L’Almanach aux Images

C: BONSOR Feelin’ Good

Grade 7

ABRSM A: Sonata Kk1: Scarlatti B: Elizabeth: Parry C: Rosemary's Waltz: Bennett LCM A: - difficult choice for all the wrong reasons.

B: - difficult choice for all the wrong reasons. C: - difficult choice for all the wrong reasons. At a push MacGregor Lowside Blues

Grade 8

ABRSM A: Sarabande & Gigue: Bach B: Presto alla Tedesca: Beethoven C: Nocturne in G minor: Chopin LCM A: MOZART 1st movement from Sonata in C minor, K. 457

B: CHOPIN Nocturne in F minor, Op. 55 No. 1

C: GERSHWIN The Man I Love FRSM A: Sonata K263 & K264: Scarlatti B: Brahms Rhapsodie Op 79/2: Brahms C: Mikrokosmos 6 Bulgarian Dances: Bartok Target 2021 - time to beat the nerves, document the journey and fulfil the dream that started 30 years ago. Following this I will be completing the MA and Phd to become a Doctor in Music within the foreseeable future. I have spoken about this for years, and said it can be done but there has always something that held me back or got in the way. Now is my time to make it happen. The plan that started in 1991 will become reality before 2025 is out. Bonus Extra DipLCM Concert

  • Sonata K263 & K264: Scarlatti

  • Brahms Rhapsodie Op 79/2: Brahms

  • Mikrokosmos 6 Bulgarian Dances: Bartok

  • Pathetique Mov 2 and 3: Beethoven

  • Rondo on Argentine Children’s Folk Tunes (Boosey): Ginestra


Chris Caton-Greasley LLCM(TD) MA (Mus)(Open)

Ethnographic Musicologist, Teacher, Researcher

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