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The Journey is starting

So thrilled this period is allowing me to put into place plans mum and I first discussed in 1994/5 and that I have had since before my eldest daughter was born.

Exciting times, expanding in to plans that need 24 years to mature and 18 months to put into place. Those years were used to build a family, a business and a new, more mature confidence; quite amazing looking back.

Loving the fact that at last the dreams and ideas I had are starting to move, things I have wanted to do for so long.

Who would have known it would take a quarter of a century to start to happen. I almost forgot them. It feels like I am starting to renovate the bottom story of a 12 story block of flats. The plan is in place, the tools and paint are bought and the final inspection is provisionally booked for Winter 2021 with 4 interim check ups. Please checkout my Facebook page on

Chris Caton-Greasley LLCM(TD) MA (Mus)(Open)

Ethnographic Musicologist, Teacher, Researcher

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