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Simon the Spectosaurus: A Triquetrae Mini Tale

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

It's Simon's first day at School,

Greenhill Academy

He wonders what new things he'll learn,

And what he'll get to see

He hopes that folks aren't scared of him,

Because of dino teeth and claws.

Like all he loves to play and learn,

And run about outdoors

He stands and stares at the big brick school,

He's scared to go on in.

When a little boy says

"Morning, do you know what class you're in?

"I really do not know." Says Simon to the boy.

I'm only four years old he says,

"Let's ask Mrs McCoy."

That's easy, says the Teacher,

So come along with me,

You and Lucas are in my class,

let's see what we can see.

Simon made a friend that day,

And never did look back.

Because with Lucas as his friend,

He never had a lack.

About Triquetrae Tales

An enchanted kingdom in a piano found

Where the sound crystals are endowed

With sounds and silences guarded day and night

for the maestro to share and bring delight

Delight to the eyes and ears of every person

who genuinely desires to learn

The skills of the elders that came before

something something something

The children sing, the creatures something

Until that fateful day

When all around the land turned grey

The music had run out.

The sound dragons could not find the heart

Of one who truly longed

To know the ways, to learn and study

Not an instrument but the sound

Someone who wanted to understand

how, who, what, why, when how

Had children, of all ages, forgotten

To ask, to question, to explore?

And so a scheme was devised

Tales, music, colour and games

If music could light up the word

The heart of sound would regrow


Triquetrae Tales are written by Dru Brumpton-Turner and are part of the Triquetrae Music Programs.

All tales are subject to copyright law. The copyright is held by Triquetrae Ltd. Please see the statement regarding copyright, open education and fair use.

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