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Greenhill Grans & Grandad's Group: A Triquetrae Tale

Here in Greenhill the older folk

who can meet up each day.

Depending on the weather

they keep busy in many ways.

They stroll up to the castle,

they stroll down memory lane,

They garden in the public park,

Have tea out of the rain.

They have dances in the old hall,

they play chess and draughts and cards,

They happily share their wisdom,

their true treasure from working hard.

There's lots of things they like to do,

apart from sit and talk,

Tell the children tales of yesteryears,

Quite often while they walk.

They stroll in Greenhill's Central Park,

They sit on benches too,

There's always thing to see, they say,

and much that they can do.

But one thing they all like to do,

Is to find the Ice cream Stand,

And buy one on a sunny day

while they stroll there hand in hand

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