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The Cakewalk and Ragtime Missing Site

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

I am currently writing an assignment for the Open University Masters Degree on The Cakewalk in Paris. Following this I will be writing a series of blog posts to learn how to play and compose a cakewalk. I decided to do this blog post as a form of advice to anyone writing an article with digital reference links. I accessed a site 14 days ago as part of my research and identified a number of quotes and downloads of interest. The site was constructed by Benjamin Intartaglia and was extremely informative. One of these downloads I have not located anywhere else. In the intervening time the site has been removed and all that remains is a cache of some pages but not all. All that remains of one item is the google listing

Cake Walk Album. Contenant. 12. CAKE WALKS ... MetM" ELKS. Créateurs du Cake Walkenfrance. PRIX NET ... Copyright 1903 by Hache He & Cie ... THE ELKS AMÉRICAN CAKE -WALK . ... Composée et Dansée par M. et Mme Elks. eas.

The booklet I need to cite the source from is

Download PDF • 4.85MB

I will refer to this in my blog on the Cakewalk, but this blog is to make a record of the information retrieved from the site cache from google while I can.

The page of Ragtime composers is very useful. A PDF of the cache is on the link below.

Le Ragtime Français
. Compositeurs Classi

The history of Ragtime page is also very interesting. A PDF of the cache is on the link below.

Le Ragtime Français. Historique
Download PDF • 169KB

I hope Mr Intartaglia reinstates the site but until that day these links provide the only record I have to the excellent content that was there, and a lesson to learn. Always take a PDF of the screen content date and web address if wanting to cite!


Additionally, for all web site owners, you don't know who is looking at your site and why. Consider a 301 redirect or 4 weeks notice that the site is being removed. Just in case someone needs a piece of information that is only on your site.


Chris Caton-Greasley LLCM(TD) MA (Mus)(Open)

Ethnographic Musicologist, Teacher, Researcher

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