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The Major Minor Marchers. A Triquetrae Tale.

These are the Mini-Marchers from Music Academy,

They're practising their marching to be in the marching band, you see.

They learn to march and play you see,

Be bold, in tune and LOUD

So when their parents hear them

They're happy, smiley and proud

The Midi-Marchers have proved their worth,

And commitment to the band,

And so are given uniforms,

That they wear and look real grand

The Marching Band for Adults is known around the world,

And this is

what the Mini's and Midi's want,

Every boy and every girl.

So as you see in Greenhill, the marching band is cool.

The children and their friends all practice marching round at school.

Marching for the children and the creatures is always fun,

They laugh and sing and play and march, it's fun for everyone.


Triquetrae Tales are written by Dru Brumpton-Turner and are part of the Triquetrae Music Programs.

All tales are subject to copyright law. The copyright is held by Triquetrae Ltd. Please see the statement regarding copyright, open education and fair use.

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