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Cymatics & Astrophysics

A perfectly good Thursday commenced with no indication it was going to be a random day. I walked to work thinking that this was a perfect day. Autumn is in the air and the sun is at the perfect place in the sky. The leaves are falling enough to be fun, but not too many to be slippy.

Dinner was purchased in advance with no warning of the though process to come and I walked over the canal thinking how lovely it looked in the early Autumn sunlight reflecting off the water.

A cup of coffee, the radio on, violin practise complete and I sit down at the laptop to check my emails prior to lesson planning and it hit me. Totally out of the blue "have you ever thought about the connection between cymatics and astrophysics, in particular the dance of the planets?"

Well I would have to answer, no not really. With the addendum, but now you mention it I do have a spare speaker.

Notes for sites to consider

Tone generator to attach to speak

And to make the rig

This also looks interesting

Now all this is out of the way, lets get on with the day and come back to it at a more logical time.

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