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Performance Level 1: Ode to Joy

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Ode to Joy is from the famous Ninth Symphony by Beethoven called the Choral for its use of the human voice as an instrument. You can hear this theme in the fourth movement where the main theme is first heard at 2:28 played by the woodwind and enters again on the double basses and cellos at 3:00


  • Keyboard with full size keys, digital piano, studio piano or an acoustic piano (Link: Explanation).

Learning Objectives

The learning objective sets the reasons for learning this piece. It does not cover all reasons, only the most important ones.

Interpretation Skills

  • Play in 4 beats per bar

  • Play using piano and forte

Fluency Skills

  • To play without pauses (use of a metronome)

  • Play a 2 note chord

Performance Skills

  • Keep the beat

  • Don't stop

  • Introduce a performance


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